‘Pokémon GO’ Updates: Pokemon GO v0.69.0 Shows Shiny Legendary Pokemon

Niantic and Pokemon GO didn’t have a good start with their first real-world Pokemon GO event. However, despite the problems that were encountered, Niantic apologized in the public and promised to get a full refund of the ticket and bonus PokeCoins.

Although it does not go well, trainers still managed to achieve the requirements needed to unlock the Legendary Pokemon. As of this moment, the Legendary Lugia and Articuno are now live and trainers now have a chance to catch their very own Legendary Pokemon.

Hidden Shiny Legendary Pokemon

As of writing, there are already thousands of Pokemon GO players who managed to catch a Legendary Pokemon. Since everyone is busy, it looks like Niantic is doing something in the background.

According to the latest Pokemon GO data mine from version 0.69.0, the new APK shows a shiny Legendary Pokemon. Yep, you read it right. Shiny legendary Pokemon may also appear in the game anytime from now. Similar to what happened to the previous data mine about the shiny Magikarp, Niantic can easily trigger the button to make the shiny Legendaries appear.

Shiny Legendary Pokemon From v0.69.0

Please be reminded that these icons are not yet visible in the game. However, if you dig the encrypted assets of the data, you will find these icons. This information has been discovered by ZeChrales of PogoDev (an unofficial Pokemon GO development community). Here are the shiny Legendaries that were found:

  • Shiny Lugia
  • Shiny Articuno
  • Shiny Zapdos
  • Shiny Moltres

Shiny Legendary Pokemon

That’s all for now trainers. If you are wondering why Zapdos and Moltres did not appear in Legendary Raids right now, it’s because Niantic rewarded Team Mystic for the team who catches the most Pokemon during the Chicago Fest event. But don’t worry. We will be seeing the other Legendary birds very soon.

[via PoGODev]