‘Pokemon GO’ Update: Solstice Event Starts Today With The Spawn Increase Of Fire & Ice-Type Pokemon

Niantic is throwing another Pokemon GO event as part of the celebration for the first-year anniversary of the game. This time, Pokemon GO players will frequently see and encounter more Fire and Ice-type Pokemon in the wild.

Pokemon GO Solstice Event 2017

As reported, Pokemon GO Solstice event will start today, June 13 at 1:00 PM PDT up to June 20, 2017 at 1:00 P.M. Here are the other details of the event that might want to see:

  • Increase in spawn rate of all Fire and Ice-type Pokemon during the event time. This includes Charmander, Growlithe, Ponyta, Vulpix and more. This Pokemon will also include their evolution. In addition, you’ll also have a higher chance of encountering rare Pokemon like Lapras in the wild particularly in water biomes.
  • Bonus XP will also be given for each Pokeball throws. Watch out for the “Nice,” “Great,” and “Excellent” throws out there. Bonus XP will also be given for curveball and first Pokeball throws for the day.
  • Bonus XP for hatching eggs than normal.
  • 50% discount for Lucky Eggs in the game’s shop.
Pokemon GO First Anniversary

Pokemon GO First Anniversary

Pokemon GO First Real-World Event

In addition to the event, Niantic also confirmed the first real-world event which will take place in Chicago, Illinois at the Grant Park on July 22, 2017. As of writing, there are no enough details about the Pokemon GO Fest Chicago but it is possible that this could be the time that we’re seeing the release of the Legendary Pokemon.

For European trainers, there will also be an organized Pokemon GO event in the near future. According to Niantic, the real-world event in this region will be from June through September in partnership with Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers.

[via PokemonGOLive]

  • chiyome

    So no double XP for evolutions. Guess I’ll wait for a later event.