‘Pokémon GO’ Updates: Legendary Raids For Lugia And Articuno Are Live

The long wait is over as Niantic finally released the two of the Legendary Pokemon in the game that includes Lugia and Articuno. Despite the errors and other issues during the Chicago Fest, trainers have successfully met and unlocked the Legendary Pokemon.

Catching The Legendary Lugia & Articuno

As a result of meeting the requirements, Niantic revealed Lugia as the first Legendary Pokemon that will be available in the game. In addition, the total numbers of Pokemon that were caught during the event were tallied for each team and Team Mystic managed to get the highest number. To celebrate the victory of Team Mystic, the Legendary Articuno will also be showing up in Legendary Raid battles together with Lugia.

Meanwhile, as a reward to all the Pokemon GO trainers around the world who participates the event, Niantic has prepared an exclusive bonus. Effective immediately, trainers will receive these bonuses until Monday, July 24 at exactly 5:00 PM PDT.

  • Double Stardust
  • Double Candy
  • Double XP
  • Increased Pokémon encounters
  • Reduced hatching distance
  • Reduced buddy distance

Although we haven’t seen the other Legendary Pokemon including the Zapdos (Instinct) and Moltres (Valor), the company has promised that we will be seeing them soon. There is no specific time and date about the release, but expect that it will surely come in the next few hours or maybe days.

If you still haven’t caught a Legendary Pokemon, make sure to check this guide to help you get one.

[via PokemonGOLive]