‘Pokémon GO’ News: Niantic Confirmed The First Legendary Pokemon To Appear During The Chicago Fest

The news just came in. Niantic has finally announced and confirmed the official release of the much awaited Legendary Pokemon in the game. However, trainers need to do a lot of work to make the Legendary Pokemon appear. Here’s how the Legendary Pokemon will appear during the Chicago Fest.

Legendary Pokemon Is Coming During The Chicago Fest

Niantic doesn’t want to make the Legendary Pokemon appear and get caught easily. So, they are making a twist that will surely challenge millions of Pokemon GO players around the world. The scheduled appearance of the first Legendary Pokemon is on July 22 during the Chicago Fest in Grant Park.

In order to make the Legendary Pokemon, participating trainers should manage to catch enough number of Pokemon during the event. If they managed to catch required Pokemon during the event, the Legendary Pokemon will finally show up.

During the event, trainers will receive an exclusive Legendary Raid Pass to fight the Legendary Pokemon. If they successfully defeated a Legendary Pokemon, each one of them will have the chance to catch their very own Legendary Pokemon.

In addition to successfully defeating the Legendary Pokemon during the raid, the Pokemon will also start appearing in Raids around the world, which will happen after the event.

[via PokemonGOLive]