‘Pokémon GO’ News: Ho-Oh Could Possibly Be The Next Legendary Pokemon After Lugia And Articuno

Despite some technical difficulties that happened during the Pokemon GO Chicago Fest, Niantic still released the much awaited Legendary Pokemon. However, only the legendary Lugia and Articuno shows up. But it doesn’t mean that was the end of hunting the legendary Pokemon. In fact, Niantic promised that more legendary Pokemon will show up very soon.

It is rumored that Zapdos and Moltres will be the next legendary Pokemon that will show up. But looking at some evidence available right now, it seems like Ho-Oh will be the next to make its appearance.

Ho-Oh Could Be The Next In Line

Although Niantic did not confirm when or what legendary Pokemon will come out next, hints about the next summon is hanging around. Here are some of the hints that Ho-Oh could be the next legendary Pokemon to come out:

Pokémon the Movie 20: I Choose You! Trailer

The first hint was seen in the upcoming Pokemon the Movie 20 trailer which was posted by Toho Cinema for its Japanese audience. In the trailer,  you will see Ash hat Pikachu spinning the PokeStop with Ho-Oh’s shadow in the background. In addition, this trailer also hints the Pokemon GO Ash Hat Pikachu event which was already done.

Niantic Announced Events Around The World

On the second week of July, Niantic revealed the three major events this summer. This includes the Chicago Fest, EU Safari Zones and Pikachu Outbreak (Japan). Pokemon the Movie 20 and Pikachu Outbreak are good hints about the release date of the Ho-Oh.

Pokémon GO Stadium Went Live

Not all notice this, but according to the event guide, Pokemon GO trainers who want to attend the event should be level 5 and above. Looking into it clearly says that there will be a gym raid in the area similar to what happened in Chicago Fest. In addition, the guide also says that the event will run every 15 minutes which is valid for 1 ticket only.

Pokemon GO Stadium at Yokohama Stadium, Tokyo, Japan

New Legendary Raids Trailer

Although Niantic already released the first Legendary trailer a few days ago, Niantic released another legendary raid trailer which clearly shows the legendary Lugia, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Ho-oh.

Looking at this evidence, we believe that the next legendary Pokemon after Lugia and Articuno is Ho-Oh. If our prediction is correct, then Ho-Oh will show up during the Pikachu Outbreak in Japan.