‘Nintendo Switch’ News: Capcom Announced That Monster Hunter XX Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

One of the most successful action role-playing game from Capcom, the Monster Hunter, is making its way to the Nintendo Switch. Earlier this week, Capcom has announced that they will release Monster Hunter XX (a.k.a. double cross) to Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter XX For Nintendo Switch

Earlier this year, Capcom released Monster Hunter XX on Nintendo 3DS. This is the expansion of their old 3DS version Monster Hunter X also known as Monster Hunter Generations.

According to sources, all saved data from the Monster Hunter XX on 3DS can be ported to the Nintendo Switch version and vice versa ( the same thing will happen to Monster Hunter Generations) and all transfer will be done through the internet. Unlike the 3DS version, the new Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch will support a full 1080p HD resolution where you can enjoy the game on a wide screen TV.

Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch is expected to make its first debut this coming June at the E3 Conference. There are rumors that the Nintendo Switch version will be launched in Japan on the 25th of August this year for 5,800 yen (retail) and 5,546 yen (via download).

Here is the debut trailer of the game for Nintendo Switch:

[via YouTube]